Nurturing your most
Important Relationships

with You,
Your Boo,
and Your Crew!

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I think we can all agree, life can be MESSY!

Managing stress, taking care of ourselves and others, finding a way to align with passion…sheesh that is a lot of pressure! 

And sometimes we just need support.

Hi, I’m Jess Ahlum, a pre and perinatal psychologist, coach, and somatic therapist passionate about personal growth, healing, and bettering ourselves through relationships.

From the start of life, we grow through relationships. Throughout time most of the great, and tragic, experiences we have are within the context of relationships. So, the key to health, happiness, and healing…you guessed it…


Start with yourself. Connect with your partner. Parent with confidence…in other words… it’s all about You, Your Boo, and Your Crew!

If you have landed here, you’re probably looking for some support. And I’d LOVE to hear from you. In an effort to kick start our therapeutic relationship, here’s more about me to see if you resonate with my message…

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Coaching and Therapies for the Whole(istic) Family

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Areas of Advanced Study

Lifespan human development; you’re never too young or too old to grow towards wellness.

Adolescent and family studies; meeting your kiddo right where they are to support their teenage brain remodeling.

Pre and perinatal psychology; get ahead of the game by understanding your baby’s earliest developmental needs.

Childbirth; helping you to help your babies out.

Infant mental health; shoring up the foundation for lifespan growth. 

Attachment science; helping you and your babies bond and feel secure for life.

Bodywork and somatics; use touch and body awareness to strengthening your holistic health. 

Therapeutic presence and coaching skills; My dedication to helping you move forward feeling safe and resourced.

Nurturing your most Important Relationships with…


Start with yourself:

Of course we know the most powerful changes come from within. The best thing we can do for the world and the ones we care about is to  get right with ourselves. Practicing self compassion and investing in ourselves can feel super awkward if we aren’t used to doing it. Are you ready  for clarity, renewed energy, and feeling better through a fun and engaging coaching relationship?  Let’s talk about You! 

Your Boo

Connect with your partner:

After we mature and leave the family home, many of us find ourselves longing for – or living along side of – an intimate partner. These “adult attachment relationships” shape who we continue to be, building on top of our early parent-child attachments. Big time personal and family growth occurs when you strengthen your intimate bonds. It’s time for You and Your Boo!

Your Crew

Parent with confidence:

Parenting begins pre-conception, so there’s never a “too-early” to tap into your parenting wisdom. Let’s optimize your infant’s mental health, your child’s development, and your lifespan relationships with those you cherish most. For some this might mean mending ties to extended family or friends. Whomever it is you’re longing to love more deeply, just remember, it’s never too late to build connection with your Crew!

More about

More about

More about

My interdisciplinary approach includes…

Renassiance dental studio
tummy time method
Lactation Counseling Services
Bebo Mia Certified Infant Sleep Educator
National Functional Bowen Institute
Association of Pre and perinatal Health and Psychology
The Gottman Institute
Infant Massage USA
National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork Therapy
Dona International
Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Health Coach
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr
Circle of Security International Early Intervention Program for Parents and Children
Deon Thai Method Thai Yoga Therapy
Happy Families Happy Babies


My Clients are…

  • Living all over the world, engaging in tele-health / virtual services
  • Local to Wilmington, NC and wanting in-home or in-office (face to face) services
  • Highly motivation and open minded
  • Proactively engaged in their health and wellness
  • Wanting a healthcare provider with time and attention to their personal health and wellness journey (who can stick with them throughout life changes)
  • Interested in developmentally supportive parenting
  • In need of tools for better communication, managing stress, and connecting to personal values
  • Working through limiting beliefs, mental health challenges, and barriers to self-esteem


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The No-Stress-Jess Method

A playful spirit on the coast of North Carolina, nurturing world peace one relationship at a time. I’m here to listen, help, and coach you through all of life’s adventures. From You to your Boo, and your Crew.

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