I’m so glad you’re here.

Quick Glance Credentials:

  • Master of Arts Clinical Psychology, Pre and Perinatal Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science Human Developmental and Family Studies, Adolescent Development
  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Integrative Health Coach
  • North Carolina State License in Massage and Bodywork Therapy #6879
  • National Board Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist
  • Registered Yoga Instructor 200hr

To support your most precious relationships, you deserve an experienced, compassionate provider. I am dedicated to life long learning so I can bring you fresh approaches and polished skills.

*I offer a safe place for my LGTBQ friends to explore their relationships.

With over 20 years in practice, this is my current philosophy… 

Most of us have experienced relationship based traumas, AKA repeated trauma or implicit trauma. This arises (mostly unconsciously) through  daily interactions within families that shape self-esteem and coping strategies.

Many of the things that drive our behavior lie in our unconscious minds, based on experiences we had when we were infants (that is, up until age 3). Because we can’t recall these experiences, untangling them takes some creativity. This is why I use an integrative approach which includes the body (AKA somatics) to build connections and new possibilities within our brains. 

Our core human need, from conception on, is to feel an internalized sense of safety.

This safety (or lack there of) develops through our experiences (sensory and environmental) within early care-giving relationships. 

The meanings that we make of experiences throughout life are stored in our minds and bodies shaping how we feel about ourselves and our abilities to be in the world. 

Repatterning can occur at any stage in life by engaging in new experiences and making new meanings.

In an effort to prevent unintended stress for babies, I am passionate about working with parents. Infant mental health is the foundation for later mental health, and this is best supported when you have an understanding of how to nurture early brain development. 

Not all of the answers to today’s messiness lie in the past (it’s just super cool to be able to connect the dots by looking far back into our histories). My clients benefit from mindfulness, humor, and compassion to assess where they are presently in life and where they’d like to go. It’s a process of empowerment to shed old patterns and move into more joyful and connected ways of being.

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships and learning to be in the messiness of life with those who matter most.

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Certification Highlights

Coaching and Education


Coaching and Education

-Coaching for Self Leadership, Internal Family Systems presented virtually by Guthrie Sayen and Brian Jaudon, completed Nov 2021
-Circle of Security Parenting, Certified Facilitator, Presented in West Hartford, CT by Deb Harris, Completed Sept 2019
-Gottman Couples Therapy: A Research Based Approach, Level 1, Closing the
-Understanding the Gut Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion, and Mood Institute
-The National Outdoor Leadership School, Sea Kayaking in Patagonia, Chile
-Integrative Health Coaching, Foundations Training Duke Integrative
-Touch Points Certified Individual Level, Smart Start of New Hanover County, presented by Hoke Pollock and Donna Vaught, Completed October 2010

Somatic and Manual Theraphy

Somatic and Manual Therapy

-Somatic Experiencing Skill Course, Memory and Trauma, resented online by Peter Levine, beginning Nov 2021, in progress
-Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration, Parts 1 and Parts 2 Masgutova(MNRI), completed Feb 2021
-Neurotactile Integration, Masgutova (MNRI) , compeleted May 2021
-200 Hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training, Jess Bichler and Jamie Annette, Presented in Wilmington, NC, Completed August 2018
-Thai Yoga Therapy, Advanced Practitioner Training, Deon Thai Method, On-going from 2011-2015
-Craniosacral Therapy Level I, The Upledger Institute, Presented in Mariann Sisco, Completed January 2010




-Introduction to Intronauts and Infants Reflex Integration, Masgutova(MNRI), Sept 2021
-Infant Sleep Educator Certification, BeboMia presented online by Greer Kirshenbaum, completed Aug 2020
-Functional Bowen Therapy Concepts II: Pediatric Application, Presented by Judy Terwiliger, Chapel Hill, NC, Completed July 2019
-Tongue Tie. Comprehensive Assessment and Care, presented by Melissa Cole in Charlottesville, VA completed Feb 2019
-Birth Doula Training, DONA International, Ann Tumblin, Presented in Chapel Hill,NC, completed February 2009
-Infant Massage USA CEIM Training, Justine Tutuska, Presented in New Bern, NC, Completed March 2018
-Craniosacral Therapy for Infants and Subtle Hands on Skills, Carol Gray, Presented in Portland OR, Completed May 2015
-MNRI Reflex Integration for Newborns, Jan 2022 with Isabelle Renard Fontaine

Who I Work with:

I work with people throughout the lifespan who are interested in alternative and complementary therapies.

They are drawn to coaching for it’s effectiveness, efficiency, and comprehensive impacts on health and happiness.

Personal growth is a priority; leveraging this for the betterment of their families and communities drives my clients’ motivation. 

Those seeking clarity, accountability, and support to achieve (more) greatness, move through a transition, or work a plan to reach a goal.

Healing old family wounds and overcoming limiting beliefs in order to make a lasting positive imprint on their world feels like a personal mission.


Start with Yourself

Of course we know the most powerful changes come from within. The best thing we can do for the world and the ones we care about is to get right with ourselves. Practicing self compassion and investing in ourselves can feel super awkward if we aren’t used to doing it. I make it clear how to move forward, in a fun and engaging way.

Let’s talk about YOU!

Your Boo

Connect with your Partner

After we mature and leave the family home, many of us find ourselves longing for – or living along side of – an intimate partner. These “adult attachment relationships” shape who we continue to be, building on top of our early parent-child attachments. Big time personal growth occurs when you strengthen your intimate bonds.

It’s time for You and Your Boo!

Your Crew

Parent with confidence

Parenting begins pre-conception, so there’s never a “too-early” to tap into your parenting wisdom. Let’s optimize your infant’s mental health, your child’s development, and your lifespan relationships with those you cherish most. For some this might mean mending ties to extended family or friends. Whoever it is you’re longing to love more deeply, just remember…

it’s never too late to build connection with your Crew!

What to Expect with Coaching

  • Coaching is a partnership; as your coach my job it to help you find answers to your questions, not prescribe a treatment. I do this by asking “great” questions (as my clients say) and reflecting your complex thoughts back in a clarifying way. 
  • I use education to help you understand processes of development and change. 
  • I might ask you to check into your body and describe physical sensations, use your breath to regulate stress, have you move around in space, or other somatic techniques to integrate your mind-body experiences.


My most frequent questions and answers.

My clients are seeking support that is outside the medical and clinical setting. They are looking for a trusted partner to guide them through a challenge or transition, not a diagnosis or prescribe a solution. My clients are motivated for change and open to exploring possibilities to help enhance their relationships or a specific aspect of health and wellness. My clients are interested in applying attachment science to foster security and long term mental health for themselves and those they love. My clients are also interested in holistic health and complements to conventional healthcare.

If you work with the right coach, the process should be therapeutic. This is to say you should benefit from the positive changes that are made, simply through the relationship you develop with your coach. This is a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Unlike therapy, or mental health counseling, coaches do not diagnose or treatment mental illness. The positive outcomes of the coaching process are determined by you, and your commitment to the change process. The goals you set are forward focused and wellness based.

There are many roads to becoming a coach, which to date, is not a professional field governed by a centralized accrediting body. I decided to move from psychotherapy into coaching after my graduate internship providing mental health and substance abuse treatment at an out patient opioid recovery clinic. I wanted to make an impact early in life, by helping parents understand how to shape their child’s health that would be preventative of later struggles with depression, anxiety, and addiction. I wanted to work with people who were self motivated and resourced enough to begin taking action steps towards positive change. I was lucky enough to live within driving distance to Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC and complete their professional certification program for coaches. I continued to build my skills as a coach-mentor to their classes of new coach students. A unifying professional organization was forming right around the time I was completing my certification which opened up a new credentialing standard – this is The National Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches. I was within their first cohort of National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) having passed an exam and meeting their criteria for experience and professionalism. Through his organization I am required to take continuing education specific for coaches and recertify every 3 years.

Coaches serve a special role in partnering with people who want to make positive impacts on their lives. Partnering implies that there is no power differential between coach and coahee; a coach is trained to ask powerful questions and provide reflection to empower someone to connect with and trust their own wisdom. Coaches help you feel into your own expertise.Consultants, on the other hand, are hired to be the expert in position to advise or direct a client.

Let’s start with a quick phone call so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. I am happy to provide recommendations to help guide your journey if it is clear you would be better served by another discipline or personality. I can suggest a program or plan for you based on your goals. Typically, after we agree to get going, I’ll have you complete the registration form available here, we will schedule your first session or class, and you’ll be provided a zoom link or appointment time in which I will call you. You may choose to pay as you go or invest in a short term package to meet your goals within a short period of time. Unlike mental health counseling, my goal is not to have you rescheduled on a weekly basis for an undefined period of time. I want to get you going, moving out into your life with a renewed perspective and clearly defined steps towards achieving your goal. Come back and work with me whenever you’d like through another drop in session or package renewal. Stay a part of the community and join in my special offerings or share all you have learned with the Facebook community group.
My intention is to build a supportive relationship with you, to be available to you, and empower you to make change through simple life experiments. Lots of insight can happen within a coaching session or class; but, real changes happen in the day to day act of trusting yourself to move forward when you hit your edges. And I want to hear about that! My clients can text and e-mail me between sessions to get immediate feedback and build trust in themselves.
I have found this process most impactful for helping you get where you want to be.

Of course I work with men. I will work with anyone regardless of their gender orientation, as long as they are motivated to achieve their goals through the framework I am skilled inattachment relationships.