Coaching Services

For Babies
For Parents, Coparents & Families
For Couples/Marriages
For individuals

Infant Sleep Support

An alternative approach to sleep training that nurtures your baby’s unique needs and helps everyone get the best sleep possible, while honoring attachment needs, transitions, problem solving, goal setting, support, safe bed-sharing set up, and more. 

  • Certified Infant Sleep Educator via Bebo Mia
  • Certified Integrate Health Coach.

For babies up to age 3.


Infant Feeding Support

When baby isn’t feeding well, everyone suffers. I can help you with feeding support to help baby on the breast or the bottle. Whether you’re in the first weeks of feeding or you need support during the first year of baby’s life, I can help ensure that baby is safely and adequately fed.

  • Certified Infant Sleep Educator via Bebo Mia
  • Certified Integrate Health Coach.


Baby Detective & Coaching

A package of three personalized 1:1 sessions with me to help your baby overcome sleeping or feeding problems, or general fussiness. Includes:

  • 1 in-person consultation
  • 1 follow-up in-person or video consultation)
  • 1 week of email/text follow up



Tongue Tie

Often, babies may have difficulty gaining weight or maintaining a good latch at the breast or bottle. Sometimes the baby looks great but the breastfeeding parent has damaged breast tissue or pain with nursing.

Typically, it’s intuition that brings a parent to realize their child has tethered oral tissue. I can help.


Infant Bodywork

Bodywork is an umbrella term used to describe hands-on (or manual) therapies. It’s like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and infant developmental specialist all tied into one visit. Think of it like yoga for babies, with a focus on reflexes.

  • Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist 
  • MNRI Core in Training


Childbirth (Babies)

Baby BluePrints is my proprietary childbirth education class for to help parents prepare for early parenting.

Learn essential infant development concepts and get tools that will help you thrive and are aligned with the family values you want to instill in your child.

  • Birth Doula via DONA Int
  • MA Pre and Perinatal Psychology


For Parents, Coparents & Families​

Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

Circle of Security is an internationally renowned attached-focused program that will transform the way you see problem behaviors and help you learn how to meet your child’s needs for long-term health and family connection.

You’ll understand and get equipped with tools to manage behavioral challenges and parent-child relationship challenges, and parenting anxiety and self doubts about how to support your child.

  • Certified Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator

For parents with children ages 2-10.


Co-Parenting Coaching

Get a personalized 1:1 coaching session for you and your co-parenting partner to talk about your current coparenting challenges and we’ll come up with some tools and tactics you can implement at home. 

This package includes the following:

  • 1 in-person consultation
  • 1 follow-up in-person or video consultation session
  • 1 week of email/text follow up
Inquire for more details about how this package works.


Pediatric Reflex Integration

This cranial sacral therapy (also referred to as manual and movement therapy) addresses the sensory-motor reflexes. The approach helps secure foundational brain development that’s the basis for all motor, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

  • MNRI, core in training
  • Certified yoga instructor

In-person visits only .

All ages.


Big Kids, Young Adults & Family Coaching

Unique relationship challenges are unveiled as the “big kid” in your life practices spreading their wings and prepares to leave the nest.

Learn how to confidently walk through the tween, teen, and early 20’s with your children. 

I’ll help you understand the neurological changes in the adolescent brain and offer strategies to keep your kid safe and connected to you.


For Couples/Marriages

Relationship Coaching

Think of this experience like counseling meets education meets goal setting to help you move forward. Whether you’re in a high-stress relationship, there’s conflict within your family, you’re experiencing parenting challenges, coaching can highlight effective solutions and help you stay connected.

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage is a traditional bodywork practice originating from Thailand. It involves stretching, movement, and massage to energize the mind and body. Think of it like yoga, but someone else is doing the work to/for you. Each partner stays clothed and works on the floor, taking turns to give and receive the moves.

Workshops are 2 hours and can be scheduled virtually, privately, or within a small group setting. 


For Individuals

Life Coaching

Invest in yourself and objective reflection from an unbiased expert. We’ll set goals together, learn self-management skills, or help you connect some dots to move out into the world with a greater sense of who you are and what you want for yourself. I typically work with people: 

  • Interested in exploring their “inner relationships” to develop a stronger sense of Self.
  • Seeking insight in to their patterns of behavior.
  • Looking for increased clarity, confidence, and creativity.
  • Wanting an alternative or complementary approach to optimize self development, health and healing.


Mental Makeover

A 4-week virtual group coaching program for individuals who desire community, accountability, and  new relationships.  

We  explore 10 core aspects of an integrative health model. These include: personal and professional development; mind-body connection; spirituality; nutrition; mindful awareness; finances; movement exercise and rest; physical environment; relationships and communication; and, complementary and conventional care. This program is designed for:

  • Over achievers who are seeking peace of mind.
  • Motivated individuals who want accountability and clarity for bettering their lives.
  • Those needed more tools for communication, shifting their mindset, and deepening their self awareness.


Private Yoga Session

I teach alignment-focused classes for people of all ages and stages of life in private and small group settings. 

If you’re interested in feeling better in your mind, body, and spirit through gentle movements, breathwork, and mindful meditation, then yoga is a good option for you!  Other things to note about my yoga classes:

  • My intention is to help you connect more deeply to yourself
  • Yoga is accessible to everyone; this is not about powering through poses

I also do the occasional virtual class or  special event ( bridal party, birthday party, or ladies night out). 

You can include yoga sessions in a coaching package.



Who hires a coach?

People seeking support outside of the medical and clinical setting typically look for a coach, or a trusted partner to guide them through a challenge or transition – instead of a diagnosis or to prescribe a solution. People who want coached are motivated to change and open to exploring possibilities to help enhance their relationships or a specific aspect of health and wellness. They are interested in applying attachment science to foster security and long-term mental health for themselves and those they love, and desire a holistic health approach that complements conventional healthcare.

What’s the difference between a coach and consultant?

Coaches serve a special role in partnering with people who want to make positive impacts on their lives. Partnering implies that there is no power differential between coach and coach; a coach is trained to ask powerful questions and provide reflection to empower someone to connect with and trust their own wisdom. Coaches help you feel into your own expertise.

Consultants, on the other hand, are hired to be the expert in position to advise or direct a client.

Is coaching a type of therapy?

If you work with the right coach, the process should be therapeutic. You should benefit from the positive changes that are made, simply through the relationship you develop with your coach. This is a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Unlike therapy, or mental health counseling, coaches do not diagnose or treat mental illness. The positive outcomes of the coaching process are determined by you, and your commitment to the change process. The goals you set are forward focused and wellness based.

What’s it like to work with me?

Let’s start with a quick phone call so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. I am happy to provide recommendations to help guide your journey if it is clear you would be better served by another discipline or personality. I can suggest a program or plan for you based on your goals. Typically, after we agree to get going, I’ll have you complete the registration form available here, we will schedule your first session or class, and you’ll be provided a zoom link or appointment time in which I will call you. 

Unlike mental health counseling, my goal is not to have you scheduled on a weekly basis for an undefined period of time. I want to get you going, moving out into your life with a renewed perspective and clearly defined steps towards achieving your goal. Come back and work with me whenever you’d like through another drop-in session or package renewal. 

My intention is to build a supportive relationship with you, be available to you, and empower you to make change through simple life experiments. Lots of insight can happen within a coaching session or class, but real changes happen in the day-to-day act of trusting yourself to move forward when you hit your edges. 

And I want to hear about that! My clients can text and email me between sessions to get immediate feedback and build trust in themselves.

Do you work with men?

Yes! I work with men. I will work with anyone regardless of their gender orientation, as long as they are motivated to achieve their goals through the framework I am skilled in – attachment relationships.