Mental Makeover



Connection is critical for growth and being with like-minded people can boost your community and your accountability.

The mental makeover is a small group coaching program running  4 consecutive weeks or 2 hours a session. Each week I introduce a new topic/skill that will help you succeed as you clarify your vision for life and set up goals and action steps.

We will explore 10 care aspects of an integrative health model which include personal and professional development; mind-body connection; spirituality; nutrition; mindful awareness; finances; movement exercise and rest; physical environment; relationships and communication; and, complementary and conventional care.

New groups require a minimum of 4 participants so please reach out to join a group or be added to the waiting list.

This program is designed for:

  • Overachievers who are seeking peace of mind
  • People who thrive in small group settings
  • Motivated individuals who want accountability and clarity for betting their lives
  • Anyone who needs an inspirational and motivational reboot