Infant Sleep Consultation



Ready to dive into your sleep situation?

This service offers an hour of one on one time for you and I to discuss what’s happening, what’s normal, and what can be done to help your household optimize sleep.

We don’t have to use the hour all at once; we can break it up however we need so you feel supported in implementing changes over one week’s time.

In addition to the hour of consultation, we can stay in touch via text as you try new things.

I have a ton of helpful resources we can use to help you thrive during this time of disrupted and developing sleep.

Please note I am NOT a sleep trainer. I offer an alternative to training based on sleep science and biological normal infant sleep.

This might be a good fit if you:

  • Have questions about what’s normal
  • Want to be a responsive and loving caregiver 24/7
  • Are interested in protecting your child’s emotional and cognitive health and development
  • Wonder about “bad sleep habits”
  • Need some tips on safe infant sleep
  • Feel concerned that your child isn’t sleeping well
  • Anticipating a transition is coming to the sleep arrangements of your home
  • Are in a sleep crisis and need immediate support for your own mental wellbeing