Bodywork (adult) 90 min



Yes, I am a massage therapist. But, no, I’m not really interested in rubbin’ muscles. I am interested in effecting change on a cellular level in my client’s bodies. I am interested in using touch to calm and regulate the nervous system from a state of fight/flight to a state of rest and digest (you can literally hear this as my client’s stomachs grumble on the massage table).

I am interested in helping my clients process unconscious experiences that are stored in their body and help them repattern conditioned tendencies and feel better. Having a license to touch is extremely helpful when working with babies and kiddos who can’t verbally process stress.

It is also extremely helpful for adult bodies who are carrying a lifetime’s worth of physical and emotional experiences around and want to add body-based therapies into their wellness routine.

My modalities include soft tissue massage, myofascial release, Thai Yoga Therapy, and CranioSacral Therapy. Please give me a call to schedule or chat about your specific interests in massage. Please be aware my massage hours are very limited, and I am not a “go as deep as I can” type of practitioner. (I can give you a referral for that.)

My massage clients are:

  • Interested in connecting with the emotional and spiritual benefits of bodywork, not just the physical.
  • Seeking emotional healing through somatic (body-based) therapies.
  • Want to feel better in their mind-body-spirit and perhaps have a few laughs while on the massage table.
  • Any age, level of physical ability, pregnant (or not), recovery from an injury (or not), and have a wellness mindset.