Baby Blueprints 6-week Class


Baby Blueprints is a 6-week group for expectant parents. We meet in person for 90 minutes of discussion, coaching, and education to help you understand what is foundational in infant development and how to nurture your child’s brain architecture through a model of co-regulation.

It’s fascinating stuff that will help you feel confident in your parenting choices and open you up to the world of nurturing attachment science. The models range from the spirituality of birth, to how stress impacts the brain, to your baby’s sensory and reflex needs, and tools for communication.

This might be a good fit if you:

  • Are a first-time parent and are looking for super cool classes as you prepare for birth and parenting
  • Are a seasoned parent and are exploring your values and philosophies for parenting
  • Have a family history of mental illness and want to optimize your infant’s mental health
  • Are healing from birth and strengthening your infant-parent bond