Ankyloglossia / Tongue Tie



What am I buying?

A 60-minute one-on-one session focusing on your baby’s oral function and full-body movement patterns.

Why do I need this?

If your baby is experiencing feeding or GI issues (gas, colic, reflux, excessive spitting up, tummy pain) and you suspect a tie, I can take a look and provide an assessment and recommendations for moving past the challenges.

If you are breastfeeding and experiencing pain at the breast, damaged breast tissue, feeding anxiety, or an intuition that something isn’t quite right, I will listen to your concerns and help you develop a treatment plan so feeding is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your baby.

If feeding isn’t a concern at this time, exploring oral ties is still an important aspect of airway development, sleep, speech, and overall health for your growing child. Through my bodywork assessments, hands-on treatments, education, and coaching, you can be ahead of the problem by removing obstacles to optimal health.

How is this different from a pediatric bodywork session?

I will teach you what to expect with a tongue tie release and prepare you and your baby for the procedure.

I will teach you how to manage wound healing and why an interdisciplinary model of care is critical for success. 

Whenever indicated we can work with your lactation consultant (or my IBCLC partner) for a joint bodywork/lactation session to get your baby get back to the breast.  

*I will reach out to schedule your appointment after payment is received.