90 Minute Coaching Session



It’s time to invest in yourself! After all, at the end of the day, perhaps the most important thing is how we feel about who we are becoming. I say it like this because no matter what we’ve been through, or how we have come to see the world, having a growth mindset opens up new perspectives and possibilities. As your coach, I will give you my full presence, confidentiality, and objective reflection so you can get your thoughts out and reorganized. We can set some goals together; I can teach you some self-management skills; or help you connect some dots to move out into the world with a greater sense of who you are and what you want for yourself.

I am particularly interested in working with people who are:

  • Overcoming limitations imposed by childhood experiences
  • Wanting an alternative approach to traditional psychotherapy to manage anxiety, depression, and ADD
  • Preparing for or recovering from childbirth (including birth trauma, infertility, perinatal loss, and ambivalence around pregnancy and parenting)
  • Wanting clarity on their life’s purpose and supporting for manifesting their dreams