Check out these free relationship resources for You, Your Boo, and Your Crew!

Free relationship resource Love Maps exercise focuses on creating “cognitive space” for your partner.

Love Maps

A communication exercise for You & Your Boo!
This exercise is for anyone in a relationship that is…

Feeling disconnected from their partner

Feeling too critical of their partner

Or simply just MISSING their partner

This exercise focuses on creating “cognitive space” for your partner. Both of you will take turns asking each other these questions and answering truthfully. You can even make up your own questions once you feel more confident!

For more detailed information, visit the short video I created on IGTV : 

free relationship resources wheel of health

Wheel of Health

This is a Wheel of Health; a model created by medical anthropologists to assess, and begin to improve, your life. This freebie takes you through a self assessment to help determine where to begin making habit changes  so you can live in better alignment with your vision. If you were ever curious about what “integrative” health actually means, this is a great start! Check it out and let me know what you discover! 

Infant Sleep Science

Ask most new parents and they will agree that getting enough sleep can feel like a struggle. Adding to the problems are misunderstandings about what normal infant sleep looks like. This webinar highlights some of the brain science that will help you understand how to nurture your little ones sleep, so you can maximize your own! Knowledge is power…dive in and get off the struggle bus!

connecting with core values

Connecting with Core Values

When we find ourselves in times of trouble…connecting to core values is critical. It’s as simple, and as difficult, as asking yourself what is truly important. Then, taking a look at how your choices are in alignment with those values or not. If you’re intrigued about how connecting to core values can show up in a coaching session, take a look at this real – live session I did to help someone identify her motivational drivers.

Non-Violent Communication

Communication challenges? Conflict? Feeling resentment for not having your needs met? I have found this model for communication to be a life changer! I’m not the only one. This is the work of Marshall Rosenberg, an American psychologist and author who uses this framework for mediating interpersonal conflict around the world. It eliminates extraneous drama and brings you right to the point of what you need and how to get it. I use this for my couples and in one on one coaching sessions to bring clarity and ease to internal and external conflicts.

Non violent communication exercises to overcomeCommunication challenges

Infant Massage Moves

Learn some bodywork from the comfort of your home with this short video, breaking down moves perfect for your little peanut!