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Self Love

My approach to working with individuals is holistic, in that I bring the body and the mind together for deeper self-awareness and healing. We know that the early experiences that shape the brain and the stress response system occur before conscious memories can be stored; this is why using the body for healing and integration is so critical. Not only are early memories stored in the body, but all the physical and emotional experiences (traumatic or otherwise) we have throughout life imprint the body. The best way to create new patterns in how we think and feel is to access the wisdom of this “somatic awareness”. There are a range of ways to do this that we can explore together in session including mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, and other subtle movement therapies.


Now for the mind. Oh, the creative and ruthless pursuit of the mind to keep us stuck in patterned ways of thinking and perceiving. No judgment! However it is we got to where we are today is the crafty work of a mind determined to keep us safe, and we are thankful for this. It’s just that the first order of business is to realize that not everything we think is true. Once we understand this point, we can form new narratives and update our internal dialogue to be more helpful for the circumstances we are facing today.

The mind is complex and confusing; and, we will never fully get to the bottom of things- but we can try. To begin sorting through all the mental chatter I’ll take you through an experience I call “Cast of Characters”, informed by Richards Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems model. We all have a diverse and interesting cast which includes our inner child, inner critic, masks, shadow material, wise adult, and essence. Our mindset is based on who (of these characters) is large and in charge. When we can observe our thoughts and feelings as just a part of ourselves (just one of the characters taking over the scene) and not our whole selves, we can begin to make progress towards feeling and thinking in healthier, happier ways.

My intention as a coach and somatic therapist is to boost your confidence in a few (impactful and effective) sessions and get you out into the world feeling better. This is one of the differences between my work as a coach and a typical psychotherapy practice. I’m happy to see you on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, but my goal is to get you off the couch, not book you out on my calendar for a weekly session from now until the end of time. Don’t get me wrong! I see my therapist weekly as a part of my overall wellness plan. But I like to work in short,  intensive spurts and have you come back as needed over the years. Once we get to know each other, and you have invested in sharing your story with me, we can stay in touch across time; then there’s no need to begin again with someone new. 


It’s time to invest in yourself! After all, at the end of the day perhaps the most important thing is how we feel about who we are becoming. I say it like this because no matter what we’ve been through, or how we have come to see the world, having a growth mindset opens up new perspectives and possibilities. As your coach I will give you my full presence, confidentiality, and objective reflection so you can get your thoughts out and reorganized. We can set some goals together; I can teach you some self management skills, or help you connect some dots to move out into the world with a greater sense of who you are and what you want for yourself. 

I am particularly interested in working with people who are:

  • Interested in exploring their “inner relationships” to develop a stronger sense of Self.
  • Seeking insight in to their patterns of behavior.
  • Looking for increased clarity, confidence, and creativity.
  • Wanting an alternative or complementary approach to optimize self development, health and healing.

Mental Makeover

This is my 4-week, totally virtual, group coaching program. Joining a group builds community, accountability, and fosters new relationships.  

Each week, during our 2-hour live sessions, I introduce a new topic / skill that will help you succeed as you clarify your vision for life and set up goals and action steps.

We will explore 10 core aspects of an integrative health model. These include: personal and professional development; mind-body connection; spirituality; nutrition; mindful awareness; finances; movement exercise and rest; physical environment; relationships and communication; and, complementary and conventional care. Check out the Wheel of Health Freebie to jump into this model of health.

New groups require a minimum of 4 participants and are forming all the time, so please reach out to join a group or be added to the waiting list.

This program is designed for:

  • Over achievers who are seeking peace of mind
  • People who thrive in small group settings
  • Motivated individuals who want accountability and clarity for bettering their lives
  • Those needed more tools for communication, shifting their mindset, and deepening their self awareness


Yes, I am a massage therapist. But, no, I’m not really interested in rubbin’ muscles. I am interested in effecting change on a cellular level in my client’s bodies. I am interested in using touch to calm and regulate the nervous system from a state of fight flight to a state of rest and digest (you can literally hear this as my client’s stomachs grumble on the massage table).

I am interested in helping my clients process unconscious experiences that are stored in their body and help them repattern conditioned tendencies and feel better. Having a license to touch is extremely helpful when working with babies and kiddos who can’t verbally process stress.

It is also extremely helpful for adult bodies who are carrying a lifetime’s worth of physical and emotional experiences around and want to add body based therapies into their wellness routine.

My modalities include soft tissue massage, myofascial release, Thai Yoga Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, developmental movement and reflex integration. Please give me a call to schedule or chat about your specific interests in massage. Please be aware my massage hours are very limited, and I am not a “go as deep as I can” type of practitioner. (I can give you a referral for that.)

My massage clients are:

  • Interested in connecting with the emotional and spiritual benefits of bodywork, not just the physical
  • Seeking emotional healing through somatic (body based) therapies
  • Are able to communicate so I can best meet  their therapeutic needs (and perhaps have a few laughs) while on the massage table
  • All ages and levels of physical ability; pregnant (or not); recovering from an injury (or not); wanting deeply relaxing and therapeutic bodywork


Yoga has saved my life. My yoga mat has been a sanctuary in the midst of life’s most challenging experiences.

Yoga is like an old friend who I can catch up with at any time because at this point, it’s just a part of who I am. I have been practicing yoga since college and became certified to teach just a few years ago.

My practice and instruction will be a lifelong process, as part of yoga is maintaining a beginner’s mind. I teach alignment focused classes for people of all ages and stages of life in private and small group settings. You’ll have to reach out to see if and where my current community class is meeting.

I also do the occasional virtual class or special event class (think bridal party, birthday party, or ladies night out). Many of my clients will build yoga into their coaching packages.

If you are interested in feeling better in your mind, body, and spirit through gentle movements, breathwork, and mindful meditation, then yoga is a good option for you!

Other things to note about my yoga classes:

  • My intention is to help you connect more deeply to yourself
  • Yoga is accessible to everyone; this is not about powering through poses
  • I offer hands on assists to alignment and feel good massage moves for those who like touch

What to Expect with Coaching

  • Coaching is a partnership; as your coach my job it to help you find answers to your questions, not prescribe a treatment. I do this by asking “great” questions (as my clients say) and reflecting your complex thoughts back in a clarifying way. 
  • I use education to help you understand processes of development and change. I think it’s empowering to understand what’s going on while you’re moving through your process of growth.
  • I might ask you to check into your body and describe physical sensations, use your breath to regulate stress, have you move around in space, or use other somatic techniques to integrate your mind-body experiences.

Policies of Mutual Respect​

    • Let’s have a chat before you shop or schedule so we know if we are a good for for each other.
    • I don’t take insurance; I do take HSA and FSA; cash, check and cards; Venmo (name is @jess-ahlum); I can also send you a Paypal invoice or receipt. Check out all services and pricing in the Shop tab.
    • Our work together will be held in confidence; however, if subpoenaed by the courts, I am lawfully obligated to comply with all requests. (Unlike a lawyer or doctor with client privilege).
    • Please come committed to your session. I’m happy to be flexible with rescheduling; however, I do charge a $25 no show fee (it’s only fair). 

*   Disclaimer

A coaching relationship is not mental health, substance abuse, or medical treatment. I am not a licensed mental health provider. I work as a coach and educator with a license to provided hands on (manual therapy) and the highest level of national certification for health and wellness coaching.  In the event that you feel the need for a licensed professional counselor, it is your responsibility to seek this out. There may also be a time when I need to refer you to work in conjunction with another provider, if our work together takes me outside my scope of practice.