Nurturing your most
Important Relationships

with You, Your Boo, and Your Crew!


Are you ready to be part of a movement that acknowledges that healthy relationships should be a universal human right and priority?

Have you considered that the number one factor determining lifelong health and happiness is the quality of your relationships?

Would you like to work with a healthcare professional who is down to earth, non-judgy, and super skilled at helping people heal from and grow through relationships? 

Hi, I’m Jess Ahlum, a pre and perinatal psychologist and coach, passionate about helping you build better relationships with yourself, your Boo, and Your Crew.

Before you feel comfortable sharing your story with me, I’ll assume you’d like to know a tiny bit of my background.

Supporting you through life's chapters!​
If you’re reading (and you’re in the right place) you’re either expecting a baby, parenting an infant, raising a family, or are interested in improving your primary relationship with your partner, maybe your parents, and definitely with yourself!

Nurturing your most Important Relationships with...


Start with yourself:

Of course we know the most powerful changes come from within. The best thing we can do for the world and the ones we care about is to  get right with ourselves. Practicing self compassion and investing in ourselves can feel super awkward if we aren’t used to doing it. I make it clear how to move forward, in a fun and engaging way. Let’s talk about You! 


Your Boo

Connect with your partner:

After we mature and leave the family home, many of us find ourselves longing for – or living along side of – an intimate partner. These “adult attachment relationships” shape who we continue to be, building on top of our early parent-child attachments.
for You and Your Boo.

Your Crew

Parent with confidence:

Parenting begins pre-conception, so there’s never a “too-early” to tap into your parenting wisdom. My services are about supporting and protecting infant mental health and preventing mental and emotional stress in later development.  In practice this looks like support for infant sleep, baby bodywork therapy, and coaching around child development and brain architecture. I work with families one-on-one, in person and virtually, as well as in group settings. 

My interdisciplinary approach includes...

My Clients are...

  • Expecting, or healing from childbirth.
  • In a postpartum, perinatal loss, adoption, or fertility situation.
  • Parenting typical and differently developing kiddos in ways that nurture mental health.
  • Determined to understand and overcome family patterns of trauma.
  • Working through limiting beliefs, mental health challenges, and barriers to self-esteem.
  • Couples who want to improve their communication, connection, and alignment around a shared vision.
  • Folx in need of life coaching in order to make real changes in how they live, think, and feel.
  • Open-minded and in search of alternative and complementary health and healing support from a caring and invested partner, not a white coat “expert” who claims to have all the answers (because trust me, they are all right there inside of you). 


The No-Stress-Jess Method

A playful spirit on the coast of North Carolina, nurturing world peace one relationship at a time. I’m here to listen, help, and coach you through all of life’s adventures. From You to your Boo, and your Crew.